Ms. Sheila Zulu

Agronomist, AGCO Limited

Mr. Andrew Welke

Area Manager, GSI/AGCO

Mr. Richard Chapple

Farm and operations manager,
AGCO Corporation

Ms. Beauty Manake

Agribusiness Consultant,
Kungo Farms

Mr. Gift Mafuleka

Commercial Farmer and Owner,
Mphiwe Siyalima Farm

Ms. Jamila Abass

CEO & Co-Founder, M-Farm

Mr. Jean Kaahwa

Managing Director, Africa
Agribusiness Services Limited

Mr. Dalitso Mbewe

Deputy Secretary General
Southern Africa,  Pan African
Youth Union


Mr. Paul Mbugua

CEO, Ecelectics

Mr. Claudius Kurtna

Director, Agritech Limited

Mr. Divine Ntiokam

Founder,  Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network

Mr. Ed Katende

CEO and Team  Leader, Uganda Agribusiness Alliance

Mr. Grace Musimani

CEO, Farmers Media Uganda

Mr. Billy Lombe

Founder and  CEO, Youth Environment Network - Zambia

Mr. Tinashe Kapuya

Head of  International Trade and Investment, AgBiz

Mr. Leatile Mokgware

Founder, Botswana Young Farmers
  • Technology Adoption, Processing, and Mechanization Objective:

    The objective of this session is to discuss the importance of technology adoption in modern farming and agribusiness.  Delegates will discuss procurement, access to finance for technology/ equipment, the importance of maintenance, the increasing role and opportunities in African farming of ICT, shared services and opportunities to become a distributor.  Delegates will also be introduced to professionals representing various programs/ projects that exist across Africa that seek to assist young agri-preneurs to acquire and adopt technology and equipment and become more adept at modern farming practices.  The program will also include a tour of the AGCO Future Farm.  Good practice and community experience (s) will also be shared during the two-day program.  Lastly, delegates will be asked to write down and in small groups develop a short action plan to acquire key technology/ machinery that they believe will enhance their particular enterprise.
  • Finance and Technical Resource Mobilization

    Objective:  The objective of this session is to introduce delegates to various institutions providing various types of funding for agriculture and agribusiness in Africa.  Delegates will also be taken through a discussion about the importance of aligning/ sourcing the right type of capital for various aspects of their farming business (working capital, asset capital, investment capital/ construction capital, expansion capital/ acquisition capital)  and given an overview/ refresher on the various types of activity funded by varying types of financiers – i.e. commercial banks, asset financiers, insurance firms, impact investors, private equity investors, development banks, foundations, challenge funds, development partners, UN organizations.  The program will also discuss the importance of business plan development in securing finance and review key components of comprehensive business plans and investment memoranda.  Lastly, the program will discuss the value of joint ventures, mergers and acquisition as a method of expansion and resource mobilization. The program will feature speakers from various types of financial institutions and also delegates will be asked to write down and, in small groups, develop a short action plan indicating the type and amount of funding they need to expand their business/ meet current needs and develop a 6 – 9 month (or faster if desired by the delegate) strategy to acquire these funds. The program will offer an excellent networking opportunity for delegates as well to engage with prospective financiers and banking partners.
  • Partnerships and Trade Development

    Objective:   The objective of this session is to introduce delegates to the benefits of trade – in sub-regional markets, continentally, and internationally, and discuss various procurement programs that may assist them in expanding their sales opportunities.  The importance of packaging, marketing, trade show/ trade mission participation, and developing an International Business Development Plan will be discussed during this program.  Delegates will have an opportunity to hear from purchasers from different regions of the continent to know what buyers are seeking and to see how to get involved with selected supplier development programs of various local, regional and continental buyers.  Additionally, delegates will be introduced to various foundation, development partner and large NGO institutions that may offer mutually beneficial partnership opportunities – for delegates to source prospective suppliers of natural resources, or identify prospective buyers, and/ or technical assistance/ finance, and/or research/ capacity development support. Delegates will be asked to write down and, in small groups, develop a short action plan indicating the type of “partnership(s)” and/or trade opportunity(ies) that they believe would help their business, and create a 6-9 months strategy to secure those types of relationships.
When making your room reservation you can also contact the hotel to make a booking for a hotel transfer from the airport to the hotel.

On the 4th and 5th April there will be a complimentary transfer service from the most booked 3 hotels to and from Strathmore Business School.
About GAAAP: The Global African Agribusiness Accelerator Platform seeks to identify and work with Africa-active agribusiness/ agriculture enterprise owners aged 40 or below who have been in business at least 2-3 years or more, and who seek to grow their enterprises by 20% year on year over the next three years.  The objective of the platform is also to:
  • promote intra-African, intra-youth, knowledge and success model sharing,
  • promote trade and investment in agriculture and agribusiness among platform members,
  • promote youth in agriculture and agribusiness by showcasing and promoting platform members,
  • create mutually beneficial linkages between youth owned enterprises and the growing number of smallholder farmer transformation “projects” on the continent; and
  • accelerate the economic impact of agriculture and agribusiness enterprise owners who are GAAAP members – in the communities where they are active.
GAAAP Components: There are six key components to GAAAP:
  • Technology and Mechanization Adoption Workshop - a two-day technology and mechanization adoption platform meeting (December 2016)
  • Finance and Resource Mobilization Workshop - a two-day finance and resource mobilization platform meeting (April/ May 2017);
  • Partnership and Trade Mobilization Workshop (August/ September 2017) - a two-day partnership and trade development meeting;
Other support to be offered:
  • Centers of Excellence - Learning Journey Tours – Periodically, we will coordinate “learning journeys” to take GAAAP members to selected cities/ places globally where there are technologies, processes, innovations that can be catalytic if implemented in Africa;
  • Knowledge Portal – GAAAP is establishing a web platform through which GAAAP members will have a robust e-knowledge sharing and dissemination vehicle. This “portal” will build on the work we did in developing the UNDP African Women and Youth Finance Portal (see and in authoring the 2012 UNDP Inclusive Business Finance Handbook.
  • Volunteer Mentorship Corps – GAAAP will seek to identify retired professionals who are willing to mentor GAAAP mentors.
Why be a GAAAP Financial Partner/ Sponsor: GAAAP is seeking to identify partner institutions that work with young people in Africa in the agriculture/ agribusiness sectors and that provide or sell technical assistance, finance, equipment/ technology and/or that are seeking to secure agribusiness value chain partners and we are offering these institutions a continental platform to promote their services, financial products and programs to a dynamic community of agricultural/ agribusiness actors who are already engaged in agriculture – and who have the potential to be engaged for the next 20 plus years. They represent the future of agricultural agribusiness transformation in the 21st century. We welcome partnership at the Module level and also across the entire platform. As we have been able to attract high level support for GAAAP, we also can assist in positive brand positioning and facilitate strategic access for supporters of GAAAP.

The GAAAP “Value Proposition” includes:
  • For Services and Equipment Suppliers – GAAAP offers an opportunity to market to and cultivate business relationships with a dynamic continent wide community of young agri- preneurs with growing business and the potential to be long-term partner/ buyers/ distributers/marketers of your company/ firm;
  • For Development Institutions – GAAAP offers an opportunity to work with and support a cadre of vanguard companies owned and managed by young agri-prineurs who are “walking the talk” and who represent the future agriculturalists that Africa needs to drive its transformation. By working everyday on their businesses, employing staff, earning an income, feeding the continent – they “make agriculture sexy”. GAAAP seeks to popularize their brands and their stories to attract other young people to agribusiness as a profession and vocation.
  • For NGOs/ Foundations/ Development Firms – GAAAP’s participants represent potential partners, suppliers and/ or buyers or service providers for existing agriculture focused programs and projects managed by development consulting firms/ foundations/ NGOs and provide innovation, energy and showcase gender inclusion in the agribusiness sector. Again, working with them offers toward the delivery of agricultural development initiatives presents a “walking the talk” opportunity and helps both contribute to their ability to hire and work with more young agripreneurs, but also inspires young people involved in the target programs to aspire to entrepreneurship opportunities - within the broad agribusiness value chain.
About the Organizer: Established in 2005, Africa Business Group (ABG) ( is an African economic development company with three key areas of focus: 1) Economic and Business Development Consulting; 2) Project Development and Implementation in a number of key sectors to the African economy (including tourism, agribusiness/ agriculture, renewable energy, and manufacturing); and 3) the provision of Capacity Development services and assistance.

As “private sector development” specialists, a particular focus of ABG involves facilitating increased private sector involvement in the implementation of the continent’s economic development through the fostering of greater public-private collaboration and partnership.

Through the provision of superior service, ABG’s Corporate Mission is to:
  • Develop and implement African and internationally funded initiatives that foster public and private sector collaboration to accelerate economic development in Africa;
  • Help African governments, agencies, and regional and continent-wide institutions to develop and implement policies, strategies and programs to increase trade and investment in Africa, and between Africa and the rest of the world;
  • Help Africa-based businesses to expand across Africa, and internationally; and
  • Help overseas businesses to successfully trade and invest in Africa.
From its principal offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and with the assistance of a continentally and internationally based cadre of consulting associates, the Africa Business Group is a growing company that specializes in the design, promotion, facilitation and implementation of African economic development projects – with a particular focus on supporting private sector engagement and development within continental development initiatives.

Selected past and current clients of ABG include:
  • AGCO
  • Grow Africa
  • Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
  • African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership
  • UNDP African Facility for Inclusive Markets
  • NEPAD Agency
  • African Union, Economic Affairs Department
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • African Development Bank
  • International Finance Corporation
  • UNPD - Swaziland, Malawi, Nigeria
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Rep. of Nigeria
  • UN Economic Commission for Africa
  • European Commission
  • Tshwane University of Technology Centre for Energy and Electric Power
  • African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association
  • African Union, Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture
  • GIZ
  • Welsh Assembly Government, UK
  • South African Treasury
  • South Africa Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sesame Workshop
  • Discovery Channel
  • Technium Wales
  • Gauteng Department of Economic Development
  • City of Johannesburg Department Economic Development
  • South Africa National Development Agency
  • Independent Communication
  • Authority of South Africa
  • African Forum For Utility Regulators
  • African Forum For Agricultural Advisory Services
  • Development Alternatives International

ABG - Finalist – 2016 Management Consulting Firm of the Year,


Support for GAAAP is sought in eight specific areas:
  • Delegate Participation Bursary – agree to contribute to the cost of travel and accommodation of youth agripreneurs interested in attending GAAAP;
  • Networking Dinner Sponsorship – agree to contribute to the cost of the Module Networking Dinners;
  • Venue and Logistics Support – agree to contribute to the cost of the provision of transport for shuttles and tours and for the venue;
  • Exhibition Support - agree to financially support the development of the Business to Business Fair component of GAAAP;
  • Investment Facilitation Platform Support – agree to support the facilitation of the Module II IFP – support for judges/ mentors in attendance, prizes for best project/ business idea;
  • GAAAP Magazine/ Media Support – agree to support the development of GAAAP’s media platform. The GAAAP Secretariat is developing a trimester published magazine as a knowledge product to capture content disseminated during the modules and to raise the profile and promote the young agripreneurs within the community across the continent and internationally.  We are also developing a You Tube Channel and a Knowledge Portal toward this same end and support can similarly be channeled to one or all three areas;
  • General GAAAP Development and Promotional Support – agree to support the development of GAAAP and to have your brand/ product/ service/ program (s) promoted within the Platform Community.  This outreach type of financial support aims to help attract more delegates to the GAAAP community.
  • Knowledge Contributions - in addition to the provision of financial support, the GAAAP Secretariat also welcomes contributions from institutions seeking to be knowledge partners (such partnerships typically are developed and implemented through mutual agreement, and, minimally included the provision of an opportunity to present during the GAAAP modules).  Partners can be both financial supporters of GAAAP and Knowledge Partners.


Ms. Mignonne Karugu
GAAAP Sponsorship Manager
Tel: +27 11 513 4117
Email: | GAAAP
Skype: mignonne.karugu
Mr. Michael Sudarkasa
Tel: +27 11 513 4117
Skype: michael.sudarkasa
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